Happy Summer!

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After many days of rain and sad autumn weather, summer has finally arrived here in the Netherlands. Hopefully it will stay this warm for some time!

Teacup Obsession

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Just because I love tea and vintage teacups.

Winter in Rotterdam

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Here in Rotterdam it snowed only for a few days this winter. It was brief, beautiful and sometimes dangerous. The snow started melting during the day, but as it was still freezing it only turned into ice. I still wonder how I managed to take pictures without any bruises, haha.

An ode to the Rose | part three

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Except for roses there are other flowers, plants and things to see in the immense garden of castle Arcen.

As part three this is the last of “An ode to the Rose” posts.

An ode to the Rose | part two

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Part two of “An ode to the Rose“: white roses and other flowers.

Part three coming soon!

Where the mushrooms grow

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Can’t stay away from the park Veluwezoom. The nature in the park is just amazing and perfect to photograph. This time I went there right after the rain. The forest was full of mushrooms and since it is autumn it also smelled so delicious of fallen leaves and pine trees. The mushrooms here are mostly non edible, but they sure do look good enough to photograph.

Do you like to go mushroom hunting?

An ode to the Rose | part one

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There is this rose garden  that is so beautiful that I want to dedicate more than one blog post to it. Last summer when I was there the flowers were in full bloom, that is why I have a lot of photographs I want to show you.

The rose garden, the Rosarium, belongs to Castle Arcen, which is in the south of the Netherlands in the province of Limburg. Even though Netherlands is well known for the tulips, the northern part of Limburg is famous for the roses. Especially the rose village Lottum, which has its own rose festival, farms, routes, etc.  There is also a tea house that serves a rose themed high tea where everything is prepared with roses, like cake, jam, tea, coffee, wine and other things. Yum!

Magical Posbank

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Sunlight glittering through the heath; the wind softly moving the tree leaves and the most gorgeous sunset. On top of the hill in Veluwezoom, where the monument Posbank is, nature creates the most magical moments during the summer evenings. The day I went there it was so beautiful and quiet. The weather was perfect. Sometimes I even dream of this place.

The park itself is really special as well. If you are lucky you can find and pick some wild blueberries and blackberries since no one really touches them, and often you can spot wild animals there. Also, since Posbank is on top of the hill you can see very far from here. This is quite unusual because the rest of the country is mostly flat.

Good to know is that Veluwezoom is a national park in Gelderland, the Netherlands. It’s also near Bronkhorst and the river IJssel.

Lavender dreams

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Never had the pleasure before, but one day I will visit those lavender fields in the Provence. I think it would be like a purple dream. Perhaps next summer…

Have you been to France to see those famous lavender fields?