Magical Posbank

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Sunlight glittering through the heath; the wind softly moving the tree leaves and the most gorgeous sunset. On top of the hill in Veluwezoom, where the monument Posbank is, nature creates the most magical moments during the summer evenings. The day I went there it was so beautiful and quiet. The weather was perfect. Sometimes I even dream of this place.

The park itself is really special as well. If you are lucky you can find and pick some wild blueberries and blackberries since no one really touches them, and often you can spot wild animals there. Also, since Posbank is on top of the hill you can see very far from here. This is quite unusual because the rest of the country is mostly flat.

Good to know is that Veluwezoom is a national parkĀ in Gelderland, the Netherlands. It’s also near Bronkhorst and the river IJssel.

  • Zuza
    september 28, 2014

    What a beautiful light there is on your pictures! This place must be truly nice.

  • stephanie
    oktober 2, 2014

    wow your photos are so beautiful. the light trickling through the heath really makes the photo magical

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