While it might seem unusual to talk about Keukenhof and not rave about the main attraction, I just think that sometimes there has to be a different perspective. Since I visit Keukenhof at least once a year, I get to look at it differently every time. This year I had the luxury to go twice. On the second visit of this season I went on the very last day and just loved how different the park looked. Most of the flowers were gone, there were some crates with yellow tulips to show at least some color, but the best thing about this was that it was very quiet. Usually there are a lot of people visiting Keukenhof, but that day there was no one around. It seemed so peaceful.

Even though there wasn’t much left to look at I did manage to find some flowers to show you, because as always the pavilions were taken good care of.

If you are not familiar with Keukenhof, it is a flower park situated in Lisse in the Netherlands. Mainly famous for its tulips and other spring flowering bulbs like daffodils and hyacinths.

Pink Lillies
Lilly of the Valley
Purple flower
Purple irises
Black violets

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